The cats life

Saturday, April 29, 2006

... needs sedation to look at him

Thats what my vet slip said :) My TS brought me and frisky to be boarded for 2 days and get our shots. So when i get nervous i chew on my fur and have a small cut, they tried to look at it and couldn't.

I hated it there, at the boarding place. They had to put a sheet in front of my cage. I kept swatting at people:) They had to have Karen ( my ts) get me out of the cage and put me in the carrier to take me home. They ere very afraid :)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Ok so i am now gonna post to my own blog. I was sent to the groomer the other day. It was horrible. The washed me, with water!! although I like the blowdryer. I heard then talking to frisky and they were nice to him. Well that made me mad so when they came back to clip my nails I wouldnt let them. hehehe. I taught then not to pay more attention to him. ANd when I was picked up I hissed and scratched at my TS. She knows better now I hope. She said she was sorry and something about bad alergy season and needing to get the winter fur taken care of. Blah.