The cats life

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Frisky here

Momma and RJ are working on the new blog. So i decided to post here. Momma game to visit too. She brought gramma home from the hospital. She has a bad cough and it gaved her chest pains. But she is better now. I also wanted to share why I live with grammy. She is older in a elderly building and had a cat before. When mommy moved and such she sent us to live with grammy cause she couldnt have cats. Then she stayed here too. Well I realy took to grammy, more than butterscotch did. So now I am grammy/ mommys cat. I belong to both of them. But we know that a animal helps elderly people and me a grammy get along great. There are so many cool kittys out here. I can not wait till my blog is ready.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

the blogs future

Well I decided , Frisky and I are going to blog but.. Not at blogspot. RJ is making me a blog space on his site. He says it is easier than blogger and less tempermental. So as soon as that is set up I will post a link. I am also working on the rainbow bridge, I am type and retyping what I want to say. I am having a hard time. So when everything is up I will post. I am reading all the blogs, It brings me lots of joy. I am hoping to have everything up by next weekend. In the middle of grieving for my baby I also lost a cousin and his service/ burrial is Weds.
Agains thank to everyone who has put us in your thoughts. It has helped alot. I feel better. My sadness has lifted somewhat.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Final pictures..

Well. Today has been tough. I truely feel guilty. But about yesterday. My mom had called and told me he wasn't realy moving well and wasn't getting up to use the litter box. I told her to take towels and such and out them in the bathtub and lie him in there. She did with food and water too. When i got there i said hi he looked up all bright eyed and wimpered then purred. I cleaned up the gunk around his eyes and such. I wrapped him in towels like a baby and took him to the vet. I knew when i saw him. I also needed to hold him and the carier is so impersonal at times. He did move to try to look out the window in the car. My mom help him why I drove. When i carried him in he just looked around and purred and suggled as I scratched him. Anyone who looked over toward him knew he was sick. The dr came out of the room before we went over and looked over , I saw the look on his face. I think he knew what was going to happen in his next apt. we got into the room I got him comfy on the table and he tried to move and was so wobly he almost fell off. The nurse saw this as well. The Dr and nurse were awsome. He felt around looked at his gums and such. Said his rt kidney is very inflamed. We can do blood work but.. It would just be for you confirmation. I had read online about some of his symptoms and that was what I read. The kidney stuff. So I said, no we should just put him down. I did ask if there was anything to be done and he was like" a kidney transplant" But i knew there was nothing. So I signed the papers and did all the lovely things. The vet gave hom some very yummy wet food for a treat/ last meal while I took care of the paperwork outside. I had them wait till I was in the room to give the shot. Normally they do I IV in the arm. With butterscotch being dehydrated they couldnt. They gave hom a shot in the tummy. Normally withing 5-10 min the animal is gone. They go to sleep first because of the anistesia then just pass. So they gave him the shot and he started to purr realy loud. he had been quiet up until then in the office room. So I held him and said I am sorry and i loved him and he fell asleep. The dr kept checking on him and I could see him breathe. After about 10 min he had me put him on the table snf listen to his heart. It was still beating. So he gave him another shot. about 5 or so minutes later he was gone. I knew it too. I knew when it was over. The dr came ack in and I said " he's gone" he said you are right.
He and the nurse also said I did the right thing. It was brave of me to stay with him till the end. And it was nice that I did it. I now feel a little guilty. Did the first shot not work because he knew he could fight more. Was he fighting it. or was it him. These are the pictures I took before we went to the vet yesterday. I do miss him. I am planning on doing a rainbow bridge site this weekend. Also Frisky and I talked. He was watching Butterscotch in the tub just sitting guard till I got there. He said Butterscotch was in pain, and was happy to be going with me. We also talked about the blog. Frisky wasn't sure what is was but said he would like to try it. ALso he has the old cell phone too. So I will try and revamp the blog this weekend as well. It is hard....
Thanks to everyone for the thoughts and purrs. It means a ton to me...

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Butterscotch had kidney failure. His right kidney was very inflamed. There was nothing to do. He passed away at 416 this afternoon in my arms... I will update and post everything later. Probly tommorrow. Thanks everyone for the thoughts. I realy apreciate it

Monday, October 09, 2006

Yesterday, Today, and tomorrow

I was found on a roof of house, I was in lovely cape cod. Can you believe I was let out and not claimed. It was Late Feb/ early march 1996. I was at the MSPCA in centerville. I had been there a few weeks when this couple walks in, I saw her and she saw me. Her words were, I wanna see him, ( me!!!). Well I was very scared but she knew I needed her behind the scared hiss... The shelter had called me Nudges, Because I kinda nudge with my paw to be petted. I was about 4 then, that's what the vet said and I was also pretty well kept. Still a puzzle why I wasn't claimed. But I am happy I got mommy. So over the years we ( mommy and I) lived on Cape cod ( I also got to meet my grandaddy. He used to tease me. I also rem snuggling with mommy when he died) I also lived in Arizona, ( we drove out there and back) , Quincy and Peabody as well. Most of my life was on Cape. After grandad Died she got really lonely so she got Frisky in June 1998. He was 6 weeks old. I hated him from the beginning and tortured him as much as I possibly could until recently. I tolerate him, I actually do not hate him. Lately I have been letting him relax and be relaxed. He still flinches when he sees me.... :)


I have had a great life. Always have food and water and love. I am not walking much now and can barely move. My mommy and grandmom are very sad.

I got to the vet at 330pm est. Mommy called today. They said there was a note that I need sedation :). But alas I do not right now. Mommy told them what was going on.. We will see the outcome. Mommy said no mater what she is gonna hold my paw and be with me.

Mommy Here...
tomorrow is the day I have been trying to avoid. I truly believe I will not be coming back with Butterscotch. He was my cat the I got when I first moved out on my own. Seen me threw a few boyfriends. A few pounds. A lot of ups and downs. I am afraid of this, I know it is humane and if he needs to be put down I have to do the right thing . To be honest, I have put down a cat before, precious, my childhood pet. She was 18. My mom kept her when I moved out. So she was more moms cat, yet mine. I am also deciding on this blog. I love the cat blog world. Do I let frisky Have a try at taking over the blog. He is a ball of energy. Also I feel like I seem like I favor Butterscotch. I adore both of my boys, but butterscotch has always been protective of me, slept with me, followed me around. At times scared frisky away from me, he was always my little provider. The live mouse he dropped at my feet ( there were 3. Great stories for another day. ) Mind you he is a indoor cat. He also knew when I was sick and he needed to sleep near me. Now I am not sure why this is so tough. Maybe because Butterscotch can't tell me what he wants. I mean when my father got sick, his wishes were, when it comes time, if there is nothing they can do , do not prolong life. So when the time came with my dad, My brothers and I were all in agreement. We knew it was his wishes and also there was nothing to do to " make him better". It was the right decision.
So tomorrow I go to my moms and take him to the vet and see from there. I will not allow him to suffer. I adore him. He is truly my child.
I am staying at my moms tomorrow and taking my laptop with me. So I will try to blog tomorrow night... Wish us luck and me the strength.. Thanks ..

Sorry this is kinda sad...

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Ok life is the same. I saw mommy this week and thursday mommy is coming over for a overnight visit. I am so excited. She came over this week and petted me and frisky. I let her pet frisky. I normally hog her. But i feel I want to share her more. Frisky needs her too. I am missing reading the blogs as much. But mommy gives me daily updates. I am glad everything is going good for most. I know there are a few things going on with peope and hope everything is ok.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


A freind of my mommys online is doing this. So I am helping mommy by putting it in my blog. It is a cause my mommy knows as she has a friend who teaches autistic kids. So if anycat or any person can help that would be great

Dear Friends and Family,

Autism Speaks is getting ready for its annual signature event, Walk for Autism Research. I am planning to be a part of that Walk and I am asking you to join me in raising critically-needed funds for autism research by making a contribution in support of my Walk.

Autism is a complex brain disorder that often inhibits a person's ability to communicate, respond to surroundings, or form relationships with others. First identified more than 50 years ago, autism is typically diagnosed by the age of two or three. Autism affects people of all racial, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Few disorders are as devastating to a child and his or her family. While some people with autism are mildly affected, most people with the condition will require lifelong supervision and care and have significant language impairments. Many children with autism will never be able to tell their parents they love them.

Currently, the causes of autism are unknown and there are no specific medical treatments or cure. Physicians have no blood test or scan that can definitively diagnose the disorder. As such, the diagnosis of autism is based solely upon observations of behavior. Despite increasing national interest and high prevalence, autism research is one of the lowest funded areas of medical research by both public and private sources.

Whatever you can give will help! I greatly appreciate your support and will keep you posted on my progress.


Elizabeth kennedy

Click here to get to my personal page and make a secure, online donation.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Wow this week in blogs has been interesting. Some good and bad news. My situation hasn't changed, I feel the same. But I am sleeping alopt on my moms bed. My mom's bed is at grammies. They didn't need a second bed so she left it. It also smells like her. I do miss my mommy. But grammy takes great care of me. Mommy gave grammy her cold. Mommy said she is gonna visit overnight with me. It is raining here today so I am snuggling in bed helping grammy get well