The cats life

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Thanking the cats

Ok so I as Butterscotch's mommy. I still read everyday. I miss having a cat. We have been looking around for a kitten. My bf has allergy's and some cats do not flare him as much. SO we are in the looking for the right one. We keep going to shelters. We are not rushing. The right one will pass our path and we will know. I personally am still not 100% from Butterscotch. I was good until the cat food stuff came out. Butterscotch's favorite food was sliced beef in gravy, so I wonder if I had anything to do with his illness. But I wanted to thank the blogisphere. I so enjoy reading all the time and still being welcome . And I felt the need to share. So thank you cat world. You make me feel better and I enjoy reading every day.