The cats life

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Long ago

I think this happened the first Christmas I had Butterscotch.
Butterscotch was a only cat at that, he was pretty good about the tree. Pretty good about presents etc..
Every year for many years I went over my Best friends and he now husbands for a night before Christmas and exchanged gifts. She at the time had 2 cats she has three now. So the cats exchanged gifts. I had everything wrapped to go over there and in a box. I was actually a deep box as I had bought a big gift. So the cat toys were wrapped and in the box. BS hadn't shown a big liking for nip before so I realy never worried. Well, I was hearing scratching, and more and more while I was sleeping. I went out and he was in the box chewing threw paper to find nip toys. They had mostly fallen to the bottom. But he found one and put the bitey on alot of other gifts. I kinda scaled him and laughed. I did rewrap before we went over. And her cats were short a nip toy.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

What is becoming of this

I have decided to keep this blog as a Butterscotch tribute and work on friskys blog seperetly. Also I have a blog, So I will put Butterscotch tales and stories here. Hopefully soon