The cats life

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Cell Phone?

So the other night RJ posts about a new cell phone on his blog. It is coming out in the dall and is a Blackeberry with camera and momma wants its. They joke and call blackberrys, crackberrys. Cause they are addicting. But I smelled his blackberry and it smells nothing like kitty crack. Well back to the story. Mommy and me share a computer so she replied to his blag Say" I want one" but it was logged as me. And to add insult to injury, He turned to me and said " cats cant have cell phones" so now I am on mission. I am cell phonw shopping for me. Any help would be great. Mommy said this weekend we can discuss it. Also she said I need to know what features I wanted and what they meant before she woud concider? She said stuff like bluetooth ( I like my white teeth) and text, and IM and such. So I am surfing now . And thoughts would be apreciated

Sunday, August 20, 2006

New camera

So RJ gots a new camera. A cannon rebel xt slr digital. he realy likes it and needed to try it out. Guess who he picked to take pictures of???

Yes this is me and I just picked up a few of the many. I was starting to get angry. But looking at my whiskers you can count them. And that is me being lazy on Mommy on the couch while watching TV

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Onion Rings

I noticed mommy eating the other day and went to try it. She knows she has to share with me. So I have now fouund out that onion rings are not bad

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

rainbow bridge

My Mommy has a friend named Kathy. Kathy posted this today.
I am sad for Kathy and saying a prayer and purrs for her and her family.

When does God realize that you can't handle anymore?

My dog got tangled up yesterday in his chain and died. When I found him it was too late. He wasn't outside for long. I called Krystal from work told her to let the dogs out and I left work and came home (I live across the street from my office) by the time I got home and went outside to them, he was gone. I just started having to put him on the chain because he got out of the yard a couple weeks ago (I found out that there was a dog in heat in the neighborhood and I think he went to go check her out)

I feel awful. I never liked to chain them up but they whine and whine to go outside and then like to lay out in the sun and absorb some rays. So the chain has never been a problem, Princess has been on the chain for years now because she is usually the ringleader. I feel so guilty.

My kids are a wreck. Princess is a wreck. And I miss my baby. :dep