The cats life

Monday, September 25, 2006

change of scenery Again

Well I am back living with my grammy. There was a few reasons but the biggest reason is I am not doing great. Mommy noticed this. My fur has lost its shine. I have lost alot of weight. I think age is getting the better of me. Mommy and her bf are out of the house 10 plus hours a day so. Mommy thought it was best for me to go with her mom and stay as she is home like 22 hours a day. Mommy is sad. She was crying bringing me here but said I would have someone to watch me more. SO mommy just has the ramic kitties. And she promised we will talk daily ( I have the cell you know)

Sunday, September 24, 2006

I am ...

A little quiet. I haven't been feeling great. I am blah. But i get my foods and snuggles. The weather is getting yicky so I think that is it. Also mom and BF have been working too much and both got sick. I tried to explain the benifits of 20 hours a day sleep . they just dont listen. Also I got 3 ramic kitty from the shelter. Mommy said she couldnt decide on the color and got three. Now we have to name them. my next post will be pictures if them and thoughts on names.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Stinky Goddness

So after my last post. Mommy has been making sure I get extra stinky goodness and she said my coat is looking better. :) So I am loving getting more food. This is great. Thanks for the sugestions everyone. Also I did have a cold for a little bit too. I was sneezing alot and that is gone.

Also on the cell phone. I got one. A black moto razr. It is a great phone. I like the phone but it is tough to press the buttons. I am working on the voice dial.

Also hope everyone had a great day today. I know It is a sad day. I was in AZ with mom when the planes went down. We actua;l;y didn't personally klnow anyone on the planes. Hpwever being from Boston, Mom knows logan all to well. It hit home for her.

Sunday, September 03, 2006


So I was listening to mommy and RJ talking. And RJ comented on my age and said my fur wasn't as soft and shiny as it had been. He said I am starting to show my age and made mommy teary eyed. :( I hate that I am getting older. Mommy noticed my walking wasn't perfect after he mentioned it and she just held and snuggle me.
Also on the cell phone note. I am thinking of the moto razr