The cats life

Monday, December 31, 2007


we did end up finding a new cat " PIXEL" she is a ball of energy and she loves butterscotches old cat condo :) But you can find her here

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Thanking the cats

Ok so I as Butterscotch's mommy. I still read everyday. I miss having a cat. We have been looking around for a kitten. My bf has allergy's and some cats do not flare him as much. SO we are in the looking for the right one. We keep going to shelters. We are not rushing. The right one will pass our path and we will know. I personally am still not 100% from Butterscotch. I was good until the cat food stuff came out. Butterscotch's favorite food was sliced beef in gravy, so I wonder if I had anything to do with his illness. But I wanted to thank the blogisphere. I so enjoy reading all the time and still being welcome . And I felt the need to share. So thank you cat world. You make me feel better and I enjoy reading every day.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Long ago

I think this happened the first Christmas I had Butterscotch.
Butterscotch was a only cat at that, he was pretty good about the tree. Pretty good about presents etc..
Every year for many years I went over my Best friends and he now husbands for a night before Christmas and exchanged gifts. She at the time had 2 cats she has three now. So the cats exchanged gifts. I had everything wrapped to go over there and in a box. I was actually a deep box as I had bought a big gift. So the cat toys were wrapped and in the box. BS hadn't shown a big liking for nip before so I realy never worried. Well, I was hearing scratching, and more and more while I was sleeping. I went out and he was in the box chewing threw paper to find nip toys. They had mostly fallen to the bottom. But he found one and put the bitey on alot of other gifts. I kinda scaled him and laughed. I did rewrap before we went over. And her cats were short a nip toy.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

What is becoming of this

I have decided to keep this blog as a Butterscotch tribute and work on friskys blog seperetly. Also I have a blog, So I will put Butterscotch tales and stories here. Hopefully soon

Monday, November 13, 2006

The girls are going home on wed. They have been fun to have visit. But made me realize this place is too small for permanat cats. But they are welcome anytime. They have been sleeping on us and demanding food like a good cat should. They are working at training us quickly. We know the feed us meow. Although they get no stinky goodness as bugsy has a sensitive tummy.
Here is feather who jumped in my spot when I got out of bed last night

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Bugsy ( not sure on spelling) and Feather. They came to visit last night ( about 7 pm)before I had to go to bed because I work early. But they were purring and happy. They had been in kitty jail. Feather was sleeping on me last night. And Bugsy won't leave me alone as I type. They adjust quick to us.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Visitors and blogversary

Well nov 4th was a year blogversary for this blog. It is bittersweet. But we are getting 2 visitors. RJ's parents cats are gonna stay with us for a week or so. I will help them blog when they get here. they should be arriving tonight